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Our Mission & Model

The Emerge Center offers hope and possibilities to children and families facing a diagnosis of autism or communication challenges. Using evidence-based therapies and a tireless commitment to quality outcomes, our team helps families imagine brighter futures for their children; independent, successful, happy futures.

Children with autism and other communication challenges have the best chance of success when therapy begins early. Thus, the cornerstone of our work is an early intervention model that carefully addresses multiple issues simultaneously. This innovative approach integrates therapists, psychologists and social workers into a single team with the child and family at the Center. It’s a one-stop-shop approach that is invaluable to families, many of whom have had to act as their child’s care coordinator, thereby forcing them to become experts in educational policy, the healthcare system, early intervention and insurance law, much of which varies by state. Our streamlined approach allows families to see better results and experience far less stress.

Our Children’s Development Center (CDC) is where the majority of our work takes place. Within the CDC, we provide multiple interventions from a number of disciplines under one roof. Our nurturing, professional staff works together and one-on-one with each child to coordinate their care in the most effective way for the child. We also work with each family to identify specific goals and develop a customized therapy plan for each child based on diagnosis, age, and skill level.

We serve children with or suspected of communication, sensory-motor, developmental, and other issues in an inter-disciplinary format, by providing the following services:

  • Foundation Program (Group Speech Language Therapy)
  • Individual Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Applied Behavior Analysis


Our Programs for Children with Autism through the CDC offer tailored intervention for children with or suspected of an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

Early childhood is a critical period of development. Our programs equip children to become more self-sufficient and independent to succeed in school by building the following skills:

  • basic communication
  • emergent literacy/language
  • social
  • early academic/school readiness
  • self-help
  • fine motor
  • sensory processing
  • adaptive behavior


Emerge empowers children with autism and individuals with communication challenges to achieve independence through an interdisciplinary therapy program within an innovative educational model. Support from the community facilitates broad access to our services, expands our impact and enriches our unique learning environment.


A world where all individuals are able to maximize their potential.




Statement of Respect