Tips From Us To You During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, happiness and love. It shouldn’t be filled with stress and moments of wishing the day would just end already! Spend this holiday enjoying the moments with these helpful tips to ensure a Thanksgiving your kiddo will love!

  1.  Familiarize Thanksgiving a few days before. While your child will be introduced to Thanksgiving festivities with their Emerge therapists, they will love to hear Mom and Dad talk about Thanksgiving, too! Introduce some Thanksgiving food, read Thanksgiving-themed books and make some crafts at home. Doing so will familiarize the day for your kiddo!  
  2. Make sure there are food options for your child. Although the array of Thanksgiving dishes are favorites to most, children with autism may tend to want something different. Allow them to enjoy their favorite meal at the table with you and your loved ones!
  3. Prepare a get-away space. Thanksgiving can be overwhelming with lots of family and friends that your child may not be familiar with. Providing a space for them to take a moment is only fair! Be sure to have their favorite toys handy and allow them to play for a while before joining the group again.
  4. Keep your home décor to a minimum. Everyone loves to decorate for the holidays, but it’s true that less is more. The more familiar your home appears, the more comfortable your kiddo will feel!
  5. Enjoy the day. Remind yourself that it doesn’t have to go smoothly every second of the day. Fill the moments with laughs and love with the ones you are thankful for and your little one will follow your lead!