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Sensory-friendly Gift Ideas

The holidays are here and time is almost up to tackle your gift list! If you have children with sensory needs on your list, Emerge is here to help! In today’s blog, we break down each sensory system and provide a few gift ideas for the sensory seekers on your list. Happy shopping!

For the one who wants to touch everything…

  • Kinetic Sand – This introduces a coarse texture.
  • Spikey ball – This toy introduces hard and sharp textures while being incorporated in every-day playtime.

For the one who wants to “taste” everything…

  • Chew-able jewelry – This jewelry, similar to baby teethers, is specifically created for children who seek oral sensory input. This is a safe alternative to some toys that may make it to the child’s mouth.
  • Taste Test Kit – Introduce different fruits and vegetables with a blind fold for your kiddo to learn the different tastes!

For the one who wants to know every sound…

  • Instruments – Becoming familiar with multiple instruments allows the child to hear new, different sounds. And you may find that you have a musician on your hands!
  • Noise machine – Noise machines introduce a variety of different sounds that the child can relate to real life. For example, thunder, rain, lightning, waves, pots and pans, and many more! 

For the one who wants to smell everything…

  • Scratch n Sniff stickers – These stickers are a fun way to introduce and practice different smells, typically of various fruit! Bring these stickers with you on the go and encourage your child to match the smell to the item.
  • Scented markers – A fun twist on the traditional marker! These markers are something your child can use multiple times and become familiar with scents.

For the one who wants to look at everything…

  • Color-changing globe – The color-changing feature will provide visual satisfaction to the child as they anticipate the next color to come.
  • Liquid Motion Bubbler – Emerge therapists use this toy to help the child remain soothed and calm while having something to focus on.

For the one who can’t stop moving…

  • Rocking chair – Emerge therapists incorporate rocking chairs for the kiddos that focus better when they are moving. This offers vestibular input while allowing them to be productive.
  • Sit n Spin – This toy encourages the child to spin and move quickly without endangering themselves or those around them.

We hope these gift ideas make your holiday shopping a little easier! At Emerge, we always want to focus on safety with each therapeutic tool we use with our kiddos. Be sure to check the age limit and safety concerns on each toy you purchase!