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New Therapy Program

Thanks to a generous grant from the Fore!Kids Foundation, we were able to recently implement The NeuroNet Learning Program at both the Center and School including comprehensive training of the program for 18 of our staff.

NeuroNet exercises facilitate learning through movement, an approach based on extensive neuroscience research and clinical practice. The program combines rhythmic movement patterns with basic reading, writing and math skills in order automate those skills.
Our team uses this program to assist children with autism and other communication challenges to learn independently, develop fluency in early reading, handwriting and math skills, and teach children to self-evaluate.

So far, we have been able to provide NeuroNet programming to 60 children. 

As the only site provider of NeuroNet in the state, we are uniquely positioned to offer these services to children who might not otherwise have access or opportunity to receive them.

"NeuroNet has become a highly anticipated part of our school day, for both students and teachers, because it is one activity that engages the whole class. The progress from day one until now has been amazing to see, and the motor imitation skills are carrying over from NeuroNet to greater success with academic skills."
Dawn Jason
Occupational Therapist