New Installation in honor of Melissa Juneau

This week marks the retirement of our CEO, Melissa Juneau. In commemoration of her twelve-year legacy as an outstanding leader for Emerge, we have added a new installation inside of The Emerge Center. We worked with local artist Brad Bourgoyne to create a breathtaking piece that will resonate with all who come through our doors. Brad describes the inspiration for the installation.

“We are surrounded by images everywhere we look every day of our lives. Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected back in their own environment through pictures, movies, music, or stories. I want any non-neurotypical child to look up at my sculpture and see themselves among the butterflies…soaring, blooming, transforming. I want them to gaze up and feel the truth of this piece lift them with a sense of recognition. They are seen. They are celebrated. They are emerging.” – Brad Bourgoyne