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Our world has changed.
Our mission has not.

It has been a year like no other. Although our world has changed, we remain dedicated to our mission of serving all families who need us, regardless of their ability to pay.

Today, your donation is more important than ever. Your generous gift makes our life-changing work possible. You can make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

With you on our side, we will always persevere. 

Help us reach our goal of $40,000!


A Parent's Perspective

Emerge Today

Thank you to those who have made a year-end gift!

Thurston and Allie Allen
Elmo Altazan
Kristen Amond
Byron Anderson
Carol Anderson
Justin August
Nina Baker
Maya and Leo Banks
Peter and Lauren Barrios
Broderick Battley
Melonie Bayham
Barbara Beckmann
Christian Bell
Abby Bellard
Glyn and Paula Bergeron
Sam Bergeron
Riley and Suzanne Berthelot
Mike and Tricia Blanchard
Jalisa Blanes
Dennis and Valerie Blunt
Kathleen Bonaventure
Nicole Bourque
Clay Brunet
Deborah Brunet
Kevin Brunet
Christie Burns
Kim Canezaro
Wanda and Chris Carrier
Paul and Diane Casebonne
Christopher Charles
Emily Chenier
Layne Chicola
Shirlon Clay
Staci Clement
Beverly Coates
Shamita Collins
Jackielyn Daniels
Lashonda Daniels
Nicholas and Judy Danna
Angela Davis
James and Cherie Delacerda
Harris Dillon
Karen Dillon
Tanya Dillon
Wes Dion
Danielle Doll
Joyce Edwards
Trinity Ellington
Grant Eloi
Johnny and Rose Marie Fife
Cassandra Filmore-Turner
Michele Forbes
Rick Froton
Brandy Fulton
Tracy Gallagher
Lillie Petit Gallagher
Mike and Marjorie Gaudet
Genette Haggie
Bonnie Hano
Tommy Harrell
Chad Harris
Aven Harrison
Cynthia and Dean Harvey
Alison and Frank Heilesen
Erica Henry
Evan Herrmann
Gail Hillman
Jeanette Hipple
Christina Hood
Stacey Howell
Malikah Hudson
Timothy Hutchinson
Patricia Jackson
Tonya Jackson
Wanda James
Stephanie Jarreau
Jacqueline Jefferson
Jessica Johnson
Richard Johnson
Meredith Jordan
Mary Terrell Joseph
Byron and Susan Kantrow
Lee and Gretchen Kantrow
Jeff Kearns
Kelvin Kenzie
Teresa Kenzie
Ellen and Ronald Kerstetter
Tyrani Key
Karla Kiper
Donna Kline
Latecha Landry
Monica Landry
Kent and Vicki LaPlace
Anne Laville
Jo and Cleveland Leblanc
Melissa and Jason Leblanc
Billie Levy
Ken Levy
Althea Littles
AnKara Littles
Kim Littles
Michael and Sarah Lloyd
Candace Lorraine
Edna Lorraine
Sydney Magruder
Ernest and Sandra Major
Richard and Leslie Marcus
Mary Martin
Sean Matassa
Debbie and Jerry Matherne
Dwayne Mays
Dionne McCurry
Christina McDaniel
W. D. Meriwether Jr.
Colleen Meyers
Cambri Moeller
Dennis Monjure
Dana Moore
Samantha Mulanax
Jason Munn
April Nobles
Yolanda Oates
Samantha Parker
Parlange Plantation
Adam Payton
Christopher and Barbara Payton
Dudley Payton
Eric Payton
Patricia Pearl
Lakinna Pegues
Ophebia Pegues
Trena Pierce
Rachel Penn
J-P and Wanda Perrault
Joseph and Anna Perrault
Keyona Pope
Paula Pope
Randy and Dawn Pope
Christina Poray
Jim and Amelie Post
Paris Prater
Elisha Pridgen
Alison Pulliam
Sue Rainer
Sheryl and Michael Ranatza
Dana Redlich
Ragan and Virginia Richard
Stephen and Margery Riker
Dana Reed
Shanna and Aulecia Reed
Kyle Robicheaux
Kristi Robicheaux
Cynthia Sampey
Sommer Sasich
Charles and Jeannine Schutte
Endonezia Spears
Monica Spustek
Spustek Farms, LLC
Ericka Sterling
Nancia Sterling
Kendall Stewart
Caroline Thibodeaux
Ronald and Barbara Thibodeaux
Nal Tlhapane
Ashanti Thomas
John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer
Shawn and Jennifer Usher
Michelle Vaughn
Martin and Pam Vutera
Curtis Walker
Joni Walker
Saundra Wallace
Michael Walsh
Julie Wessinger
Brandon White
Ariel Whitmore
Courtney Whittle
John Whitworth
Gloria Wiley
Milton J. Womack Inc.
Ileanna Zaballa

Thank you to our year-end corporate giving partners!