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Adan's Story

This holiday season, we invite you to read a letter below from Adan’s parents, Aaron and Josie Carter. Stories like theirs is why we continue to further our mission of empowering children with autism and individuals with communication challenges to achieve independence and reach their full potential. Support us with your year-end gift to help us serve more families in 2020.

A letter from The Carters...

While most of us don’t think of human development as an evolutionary process, it’s especially important for a child with autism. We often take this process for granted…until a milestone isn’t met. Parents of a child with autism spend countless hours longing for the day their child will evolve.

We would like to introduce you to our 4-year-old son, Adan. He was a healthy, full-term baby and an expert at nursing and sleeping through the night at four weeks – our dream baby! It seemed his evolutionary process was on schedule, except for speech.

When we began noticing behavioral changes stemming from his inability to communicate, our doctor recommended Adan be evaluated. This is when the word autism entered our lives and the plans we had for our dream baby were put on pause. Our days soon felt like agony as we walked on eggshells, anticipating Adan’s next meltdown. Life was stressful for Adan and our entire family.

Since his diagnosis, Emerge has provided us with the tools necessary to manage life with autism. They’ve restarted Adan’s evolution. He is a happier, more well-adjusted child, with the ability to communicate using an iPad. He makes more eye contact, blows kisses, and says “I love you.” While most parents experience this joy with their 11-month-old infant, we have waited four long years for these moments.

The day we entered Emerge, we felt their desire to embrace Adan for who he is. They truly see the potential in each child they serve. This potential – which comes out naturally in most children – often needs to be drawn out of children with autism. Emerge invests the time to do just that and when you see the outcome, it’s epic. Adan is a new kid.

As parents who rely on Emerge’s services and also as donors who deeply value their work, we ask you to consider making a donation. It’s important to help families who aren’t as fortunate as we’ve been. Their children deserve the same opportunity to evolve the way Adan has. You can make that possible.

With grateful hearts,

Aaron and Josie Carter