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60th Spotlight: Sugar McAdams

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we are sitting down with some of the people who have helped shape Emerge into what it is today. Through their stories, we are able to see the hard work and dedication that continues to surround the Emerge community.

In this brief interview, Sugar McAdams shares her memories of Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation when her mother worked hand-in-hand with members of the Junior League of Baton Rouge, who founded the the organization in 1960.

Emerge: Do you have a first memory of Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation (BRSHF)?

Sugar’s mom; 3rd from left

Sugar: As a child, I remember my mother, Gloria Carr McAdams, always looking for ways to help those in need. She constantly gave her time and efforts to make this community a better place. As Junior League President in 1964 and 1965, my mother was heavily involved with BRSHF and made it her mission to promote the work that was being done.

I remember my mother raising funds for a new roof for the building on Buchanan Street and co-chairing the Red Stocking Parade in the 70s with Winnie Byrd. It was amazing to see how excited this group of Junior League women remained every step of the way.

Emerge: What thoughts come to mind when you think of the services we are providing to the children and to their parents?

Sugar: These services open up an entirely new world for the children and ultimately their parents, as well. I believe it is key to give support to not only the children, but also their caregivers. It is brilliant and critical that the therapists at Emerge take on the role of a guide to parents to extend their work into the home.

Emerge: What do you think makes this community so generous?

Sugar: The overarching spirit and love for the community. This community is hands-on and takes pride in making a difference. I truly believe this is how BRSHF and Emerge is so successful – through the donors and volunteers. Beginning with the launch by the Junior League and their continued support, the community has joined Emerge and believes in the work that is being done to change so many lives.

Emerge: This year, Emerge celebrates 60 years of service to the community.  What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think of that?

Sugar: It’s very exciting to see Emerge still thriving 60 years later. I am very impressed with the growth Emerge has shown, especially The Emerge School.