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60th Spotlight: Dr. Charlotte Hollman

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we are sitting down with some of the people who have helped shape Emerge into what it is today. Through their stories, we are able to see the hard work and dedication that continues to surround the Emerge community.

Dr. Charlotte Hollman is board-certified in Pediatrics, EEG, and Child Neurology. She is currently a Pediatric Neurologist at The Baton Rouge Clinic. As a board member and long-term supporter of The Emerge Center, formerly Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation (BRSHF), Dr. Hollman has helped countless children and parents faced with autism through referrals to the Center.

In this brief interview, Dr. Hollman shares her story about her involvement with BRSHF and Emerge.

Emerge:  How did you first become involved with BRSHF/Emerge?

Dr. Hollman:  It was 1983 and I was the first pediatric neurologist in Baton Rouge. BRSHF was focusing on Speech Therapy and Audiology and I was referring my patients to them. I began working with a child when she was 17 months old and partnered with BRSHF to begin the first Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) class in 2003 as a collaboration with LSU. This is how I really became familiar with the work of BRSHF and began attending board meetings before joining the board in 2006.

Emerge:  What has been a notable development in the autism field since you began practicing?

Dr. Hollman:  ABA is a huge stepping stone for children with autism. Children who receive early intervention therapy are shown to have significant success.

Emerge:  Why did you become involved as a board member with BRSHF/Emerge?

Dr. Hollman:  I was approached by the leadership in 2006 to join and have served on the Center board ever since.  

Emerge:  What do you believe are the strengths of Emerge?

Dr. Hollman:  I believe Emerge shows multiple strengths in different areas. Some of those include, but are not limited to, the leadership and the universal will to embrace the need by expanding the options and community partnerships. A recurring strength of this organization is the staffing. BRSHF set a high standard when they staffed their facility 60 years ago and since then, the staff has continued to meet the needs and strengthen the true meaning of what Emerge is to our community.

Emerge:  In one word, how would you describe Emerge?

Dr. Hollman:  Progressive.

Emerge:  What is one thing you hope the public knows about Emerge?

Dr. Hollman:  Emerge provides excellent, high quality services that are available to everyone in the community regardless of their ability to pay.