What is Motor Lab?

“Why won’t my child jump in a bounce house at a party? How can I help him learn to pedal a tricycle? Why can’t he sit at the table next to their friends?”

“The sights and sounds are too much for him. They have a meltdown, are afraid, and flap their hands in frustration.”

Motor Lab is a therapeutic component of the Bloom Program facilitated by a team of professionals who provide a holistic integrated approach to therapy, incorporating speech and language, Applied Behavioral Analysis and occupational therapy services across all aspects of the daily routine.

In Motor Lab, we work on developing:

  • Fine Motor Skills by > > making them aware of their muscles and joints
  • Sensory Motor Skills by > > introducing children to different textures, sights, and sounds
  • Self Help Skills by > > teaching social skills and how to follow simple directions.

In doing so, the child learns skills necessary for everyday activities such as dressing, feeding, participating on the playground, and contributing to a learning environment.