Occupational Therapy, Defined.

Indoor Sensory Gym - Occupational Therapy

Pretty sweet gym, right? To a kid, this is a playground. To us, it’s a classroom. This is where we do the majority of our occupational therapy.

Occupational Therapy… Is That Like Physical Therapy?

Great question! OT can be a hard concept to wrap your brain around. Physical therapy focuses on treating a patient who has sustained an injury or has underdeveloped gross motor skills. For children at the ages that we treat, occupational therapists teach skills that help patients carry out daily tasks such as getting dressed, combing their hair, or brushing their teeth (fine motor skills).

My child has a hard time getting ready in the morning. It’s always a fight! Could he/she have ADHD, or need occupational therapy?

Our staff at Emerge can help you determine just that! Symptoms of both behavioral and occupational difficulties can manifest themselves in similar ways. We can offer occupational, behavioral, and other assessments to evaluate your child to figure out what the cause of the problem is so they receive the proper treatment to get to the core of the issue.

What Kind Of Therapy Do Children Receive In OT?

There are a multitude of techniques that are used in our sensory gym. For example, our therapists can:

  • Improve a child’s balance by walking on balance beams or uneven surfaces
  • Familiarize a child with different textures and sensations by introducing various fabrics and materials
  • Develop hand-eye coordination with the use of tools such as pens, paintbrushes, etc., and opening and closing containers, latches, etc.
  • Improve self-help skills like dressing and feeding

What Else Should I Know About OT?

As with all of our services, early intervention is key. Providing OT early on to children who have these delays helps them become as independent as possible, at home, play and ultimately at school.

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