Melissa Juneau to Retire as CEO

We are sharing the bittersweet news that in the summer of 2019, Melissa Juneau will be retiring as Chief Executive Officer of The Emerge Center.

Succeeding Melissa’s retirement is a legacy of innovation and growth!  Under Melissa’s nearly twelve years of leadership, Emerge has grown exponentially and stands as the leader in early intervention services for children with autism and communication challenges in the region.

She was elected as Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation (BRSHF) in 2007. Her visionary leadership was instrumental in the rebranding of the organization from BRSHF to The Emerge Center in 2014. Melissa has also overseen the launch of the Emerge Enterprise, which is comprised of The Emerge Center, The Emerge Foundation and The Emerge School for Autism, the first charter school in Louisiana for children with Autism, which opened in August 2018.  With this expansion, Melissa was named Chief Executive Officer in 2018.

“This has been a job of a lifetime. It has been my greatest privilege to have had the opportunity to serve the community and touch the lives of children with autism and individuals with communication challenges by building broad access to innovative therapies and educational services at both The Emerge Center and The Emerge School for Autism,” said Melissa.

View the official press release announcing Melissa Juneau’s retirement here.