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A family’s first step to starting at Emerge is often with a physician’s referral. Our team is here to help you navigate the process of therapy placement or scheduling an evaluation. Below are the steps on how to get started with Emerge.

Please note that the process for entry into each of our services or programs does vary among them. The best way to know the first step for your child is to contact us at (225) 343-4232. 

First, your child’s physician must fax us a referral for services. Our fax number is (225) 343-4233. Once we receive a referral, it takes between 7 and 10 business days to be processed. 

If you are interested in our Pediatric Behavioral Health services, no referral is needed. Please call us for more information.

Once a referral has been processed, our Intake Coordinator will call you to confirm that your child’s referral has been received, and to gather pertinent information regarding your specific needs.

If it is determined Emerge cannot serve your family’s needs, we gladly provide additional community resources to you.

The next step is to have your child evaluated by one of our therapists. If your child has a valid evaluation that has taken place within the past twelve months, you may submit it to be reviewed by our team who will determine whether an additional evaluation is necessary.

After your child’s evaluation, we will work to place your child into one of our programs.

If you have any questions about programs or therapy at The Emerge Center, you may contact the CDC Coordinator, Lauren Shaw, at 225-343-4232 ext. 1901, or

Client Forms

In order to save you time during registration, you may be asked to fill out the necessary forms before you arrive to the center.

When you arrive, please have the following items ready in order to complete your registration, where applicable:

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